Inktober 2021

Last year I completely forgot Inktober and realized halfway of the month that it had already started. This year I made sure I’d remember! The month has barely started but I’m keen to show you my takes of the daily prompts so far!

I’ll add more as the month rolls forward.

Anyway, here is this year’s prompt list (downloaded from the official site):

And here are my takes in order by date:
(Click any picture to get to bigger versions!)

Note: Some pictures above have a few kinks (like unsharpness and such) thanks to my shitty scanner and a fat sketchbook not working together.

My first artist telephone

Last December I got a chance to participate in my very first artist telephone. If you have played the broken telephone (how we call it in finnish) or Chinese whispers -game as a child you get the idea how this works. The first artist makes a picture, next does the concept of the first ones pic with their own style and/or how they see it and so on. Everyone had two weeks to come up with their piece and then send it to the next participant and the keeper of the game. I got invited along when the game was already on, so the wait was not unbearable, and I was the second to last to participate. It was much fun, since you had absolutely no idea what you were about to do until the very moment it was your turn! The best part was of course waiting in the very end when everyone finally got to see the full picture (or gallery) from start to finish, not just the picture that was made right before yours. It was so wild to see how much the whole idea had changed along the way! Would definitely participate again!

Gamekeeper, the lovely Haltiakäpälä and the link to the fully finished roundup of our telephone: Artist telephone

My own contribution: