About Me

My name is Sanna Kemi and I’m a 33 year old Graphic Designer from Vantaa, Finland.

I’m a Bachelor of Art and Design. I graduated as a Graphic Designer from Metropolia University of Applied Sciences at summer 2013.

While finishing my studies I was working at Valo in Tikkurila, Vantaa, as a trainee Graphic Designer.  We designed great amount of works for both Metropolia and Laurea as well as for variety of external clients. Our commissions included advertisements, posters, a variety of layouts and prints, illustrations and web design. As a only Graphic Design student my work included a nice amount of illustrating among the regular comissions of layouts and infographs.

Since then I’ve done variety of comissions to individual parties. I am currently working as a Content Editor for Playvation with Moomin Language School.

If you are interested about my works or hiring me, please contact me by email:  sanna.susanna@gmail.com

to my Linkedin

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