A few illustration projects.

Liikkuvan Arjen Design

Map and illustration project for LAD-related magazine-story. image bank

Few selected ones from the image bank of over 20 pictures. Simplicity, calmness and ability to work with many possible texts about the main subject was wanted.

Metropolian Meininki -mascots

Little something to cheer up Metropolia University’s pamfet about work and behavioural guidelines.

History of Zombies – pinup calendar

My thesis work -project about Zombies and their history of becoming a pop-cultural phenomenon. It never got quite finished, even though I graduated. Maybe some day.

The Festival by H.P. Lovecraft – a comic

Professional English -class end project. A novel in english made to a comic form.

Porsas Urhea – Children’s story illustration

Old illustration-course work. This is an aged children’s bedtime story from an unknown author.