Moomin Language School

Examples of my work during my years as a ‘content editor‘ at Moomin Language School/Playvation Ltd. My work there included:

  • Creating the learning application in Unity (in a unique content editor) from existing content pieces (sound, image elements, background, words/sentences with two languages)
  • Additional learning material (for the teachers) content production, including layouts and producing both illustrations and other content to the said learning materials
  • Producing marketing materials and -content (brochures, social media imagery, product picture and other material updates, posters etc.
  • Making other layouts and product-related content, like a marketing kit, different guides etc.
  • Updating social media platforms
  • Updating the looks of the website, and keeping it up to date (later on switched from WordPress to HubSpot platform), creating landing pages for different campaings, and updating their blog, newsletter, and forms.
  • Making illustrations and other visual content to the application itself, to the website and other Materials, and to the additional learning materials.
  • Additional tasks like future customer research, simple video editions, writing a few pieces for the blog.

Marketing and Social Media:

Examples of social media posts in different platforms:

Marketing kit design and layout (this was for associates, in the original pictures were links to content):

Banner to be used in

Updated product imagery and examples of the game content:

Product images:

Game type introduction (and examples of the content):

More layout examples:

Customer submission process instructions for distributors:

Sales process guide for the distributors:

Example layout of Playful Lesson materials, which come in a pack of four weeks:


Application related illustration examples:

Playful lessons content related icons and illustrations:

Website content related illustrations:

Website and landing pages: