Other design

Other smaller design/layouting/typeset jobs.


Infographics for Metropolia’s internal use.

Infographics for Moomin Language School.


Two out of eight similar Metropolia’s project posters of that said year. You are likely to get the idea of the whole set out these two.

Ihme Paikka -flyers

Leaflets about Metropolia’s and Kallion Kirkko 100yr mutual event. This was a postcard.
(This project contained a poster too, which was (imo), too much visually influenced by the external client’s part, and thus does not represent me as a designer).

Tiesitkö tämän – Kamppi

A science event for public. Manual assembling and perfecting a job visualized by a first year student. I got a raw version of the idea, the chose the most similar fonts, find and buy the stock photos that support the visual idea, and then finalize the project parts to be print- and screen ready for the said event.

Concerto Grosso

A cover desing for the information leaflet, that was hoped to represent the new (very shortly scheduled and changed) look of said concert’s poster and overall look. Co-worker changed the look of the inside’s layout while I worked with the cover.

Happy Lunar New Year!

A digital greeting/complementary card illustration and design to Playvation Ltd.’s associates in Asia, when the year of the rat began.